08/07/2020  Air Rinser Linkedin

Proud to Present You Our Air Rinser: An Efficient Way to Remove Dust and Small Particles from Containers Before Filling

- Pressure Sensor System SMC with Continuous Monitoring of Blowing Air Pressure
- Automatically High Adjustable Knife L. 1.000 Complete with Ionizing Bar Static Charge Removal   Device
- Automatic Guides Adjustment for Managing Various Formats

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01/07/2020  Spiral Air Conveyors   Linkedin

Here You Can See a Video of Our Spiral Air Conveyor on a PET Line in Descent Before the Infeed into the Filling Machine.
This is the Solution to Move your Containers Even in Case of High Inclination.
Body Guides Automatic Adjustment by means of EMD: the Ergonomic and Multi - Position System Patented by Vetromeccanica, Suitable For Different Types of Formats.

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25/06/2020  Mobile HMI   Linkedin

Take a Look at Our mobile HMI
Possibility to Manage the System in Different Points of the Conveying line
Smart, Intuitive and Easy to Handle

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17/06/2020  Aligner Test Circuit   Linkedin

Take a Look at this Video of the Aligner Test Circuit with PET Bottles here in Vetromeccanica.

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08/06/2020  Vetromeccanica at Work   Linkedin

In Vetromeccanica We Never Stop: Here Some Sequences of Our Working Day.
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03/06/2020- Vetromeccanica TableTop Conveyors Linkedin

Here Vetromeccanica TableTop Conveyor Under Real Producing Conditions on a PET Line.

Top Benefits:
* Uninterrupted flow and efficiency for your production
* Fast format change thanks to the body-guides adjustment system
* Modular design

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27/05/2020 - AirTech: Air Conveyors Linkedin

Here our AirTech: Air Conveyors Solutions for Empty Containers.
- It makes possible to move containers even in case of high inclination (slope of max. 15° according to the bottle shape)
- Maximum flexibility, manageability and fast format change.
- Body guides automatic adjustment system included

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20/05/2020 - Multilane Divider - Linkedin

Here a Video Footage of our Multilane Divider under Real Working Conditions with a Rated Speed of 22.000 BPH.
It is Designed to Distribute the Containers from 1 to 4 lanes Without any Stops of the Production Process.

Top Three Benefits:
- High speed handling of Empty Containers
- Easy and Intuitive Format Change System
- Perfect Containers stability and Protection thanks to the Vacuum Conveyors

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13/05/2020 EMD (Eolo Moving Device) - Linkedin

EMD® (Eolo Moving Device)
Here our EMD, the Pneumatic Actuator Multi-Position for Guide Setting, Designed and Patented by Vetromeccanica. The EMD, Conceived for the Air Conveyors, can be Also Applied on the Table Top Conveyors

Top three Benefits EMD®:

· Mechanical-Pneumatic System for the Automatic Body and Neck Regulation
· Precise and Reliable System
· Suitable for Working in Difficult Industrial Environments

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05/05/2020 - Single Lane Dynamic Accumulation Table Linkedin

Here the Single Lane Dynamic Accumulation Table.
The Process Takes Place Without Any Pressure on the Containers, Therefore this System is Suitable for all Container Shapes and Materials (plastic, carton, metal, glass), Whether Round or Non-Round.
Maximum Speed Depending on the Type of Container.
Maximum Accumulation: 36 m
Full Accessibility to all Conveyor Parts and Excellent Visibility of Containers
FIFO Technology


28/04/2020 - The New Elevator Linkedin

Proud to show You our Highest Elevator Built here in Vetromeccanica (8-Meter in Height)!
The Elevator is 100% Made of Stainless Steel, on Demand, may be Supplied Washable.

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22/04/2020- The New Photovoltaic System Linkedin

Vetromeccanica is Investing in the Sustainable Future:

Thanks to the 2124 Square Meters of our Brand-New Photovoltaic System we are Reducing of 158.000 kg per year the CO2 Emissions, Contributing to Sensibly Mitigate the Effects of the Climate Change. At Present we are Covering on the Average the 60% of our Company Energy Requirement.


15/04/2020 - Vetromeccanica Orientator System Linkedin

Take a Look at the Brand New Vetromeccanica Orientator System – this Machine is Designed to Turn 180 Degree Shaped Bottles and Containers With or Without a Handle. The System Reaches a Top Speed of 14.000 bph, Depending on the Type of Container.

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