Global Service

Vetromeccanica offers a 360° customer support around the world thanks to its skilled, well organized and efficient customer service department. The global network can rely on local field support offices and technicians.


Maintenace and overhaul

Our headquarters are located in Parma, the core of the italian packaging industry.
Our customers can always rely on highly trained and experienced technicians for installation, start-up, commissioning, maintenance and overhaul of complete conveyor lines. 

Customized solutions

Vetromeccanica's R&D department can count on a team of experts to support its clients and develop the most suitable solutions according to each customer needs. Thanks to more that 20 years of experience Vetromeccanica can guarantee high conveyor efficiency standards and a reduction in time maintenance service.


The management policy of the company enchances tailor-made production to deliver complete customer satisfaction. In an area where food and beverage machines manufacturing and mechanics have reached the highest standards  Vetromeccanica  offers cutting edge solutions.
Vetromeccanica cooperates with world-class partners for constant product innovation and development.

Vetromeccanica - Spare parts for conveyor belt lines

Spare parts

Vetromeccanica always has standard conveyor components for prompt delivery in case of need.  A team of highly skilled technicians will help you to identify defects or worn components and eventually organize on site conveyors check-up in order to optimize line functioning and prevent production slowdown.